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Don’t let a budget confine you to the old way of managing grants. Leverage our smart technology & unprecedented support with online grant management solutions from ZoomGrants and we can help make your budget go farther!

ZoomGrants has been a trusted advisor in the management and distribution of government-related grants helping states, counties, and cities better serve their citizens.  ZoomGrants was established in 2002 to help grant managers do more with less.  Every day the ZoomGrants team serves and helps manage a wide range of government related grants.  Our great technology is a given and our extraordinary services is our promise.

If you are managing government grants as such but not limited to:

Be confident knowing…ZoomGrants has helped countless government grant administrators create applications, manage those applications, and distribute funding to enrich their respective communities.  ZoomGrants’ unparalleled support and intuitive online application management system helps grant administrators better serve the people and causes in their community.

Don’t let budget confine you to the old way of managing grants. Leverage our smart technology and unprecedented support with online grant management solutions from ZoomGrants and we can help make you budget go farther!

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Say Goodbye To Excess Administrative Strain With ZoomGrants

  • Exceptional Tech Support
  • Advanced Systems
  • Digital Archiving
  • Better Team Collaboration

Reliable and Affordable Online Grant Management Solutions

ZoomGrants ushers innovation to government grant management through one intuitive online platform. Traditional grant management relies on tedious administrative tasks to ensure proper organization, but ZoomGrants leverages technology to bring you a way to improve your grant management processes while establishing a smart web-enabled approach.

ZoomGrants supports government entities to effortlessly collect and review grant applications in a reliable and affordable manner.

Exceptional Tech Support

If you’re worried about leaving old ways behind and find comfort in filing paperwork, ZoomGrants eases the transition to the digital space. We understand that some people aren’t innately comfortable with online grant technology, but that shouldn’t keep you from improving your processes! Be assured ZoomGrants will help make that online transition as seamless and easy as possible for you and your team. Plus you can always print out the data collected through the ZoomGrants system.

ZoomGrants provides unlimited tech support for all users — if you’re stuck, our world-class tech support team is standing by to help you out.

Advanced Systems

It’s vital that you have a way to eliminate bias and uphold a fair and impartial process to all of your applicants. ZoomGrants provides features that ensure biases are eliminated and the application process is candid and ethical.

Digital Archiving

Eliminate paper files and an overflowing email inbox when you collaborate with ZoomGrants. Our platform provides a solution to traditional grant work — the entire grant lifecycle can be digitally managed and archived. From applications to awarding grant money, it stays in one comprehensive and collaborative space for you and your colleagues.

Better Team Collaboration

When your government grant processes are organized online through ZoomGrants, not only is everything streamlined, but it provides you and your colleagues with better collaboration because of its remote access. This way, decisions are made sooner, so grants are awarded more rapidly and you have a greater impact on those you serve.

ZoomGrants Transforms How Resources Are Used

Shift administrative resources and save time with online grant application management for your government grant processes. In one reliable and affordable system, you get comprehensive tech support, dynamic features, digital archiving, and better collaboration with your team!

Impact how your government grants are managed with ZoomGrants.

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